see, this is exactly what i’m talking about…

yesterdays clist bridgestone tirade was, well, it was just stupid. people take other folks business seriously here in burque. for a place so passive that you can hardly get through a 4-way stop, it cracks me up how a little anonymity brings the douchebaggery out of the woodwork. i missed the original post, but you can get the gist of it from the peanut gallery…


“Well, if you want $675 for your Bstone MB-1, you should have done the following:
1. Kept the original parts
2. really, really kept the original fork

As it is, you’ve got a $250 to $350 max bike; sorry dude, it’s not collectible like that; it’s just a Frankenbike based on a decent frame, with a nonreplacable 1 inch suspension fork…” m.s.


“If you want 700 for your 20 year old POS bike then your mom needs to be slapped in the face with a dick. You sound like a fucking clown…” j.k.


“so, (1) most of you don’t own an Mb-1. I retract that; most of you have never seen an mb-1. And maybe you’ve seen one hanging in a shop, and you thought, ‘gee, i wonder why they don’t put a price on that bike?’ Does that make it necessarily the most expensive bike in the shop? No, because that’s not how you price an MB-1. Seeing one, even so late as 94, is always a treat. So, whichever punk kid threw around the homo-imaginary slurs, shut up. You’re late to the party. in two years when whatever bike fad you’re into has tired you out people will still regularly be paying $600+ for a good condition mb-1 fork/frame. Do you even know what bridgestone is?

(2) is that guys bike worth 700 bucks? We all seem to agree that without the ritchey or koski fork, then an mb-1 isn’t complete. subtract the xt mechanicals, and you sink even further. neither the ritchey stem/bars, nor the nitto dirt drops? even worse. Its a drag, and he might not even comprehend the importance of it all together, but if he wasn’t asking enough we’d probably all collectively pounce on him like a…use your imagination, sickos…” l.w.


“re: my MB1 (well, frame and parts)
Ive owned it since 1996 so I might as well keep it.

Retail was $1350. Yeah, its not what it started out to be but I thought that $600+ was a good place to start. I know folks that collect these bikes, like big time. Apparently Albq isnt the right town. Maybe one day I’ll put it up in the right circle of people. Either way no biggie.

I truly find it interesting that it caused some folks around here to get worked up enough to make comments about my mother. Stay awesome…” k.f.


“Right on man. You beat me to the punch. Problem with our bike market is that nobody knows what sh*t is worth. Get real man. My 1980s shwinn university is worth 10k because its an antique bahahahah…” b.c.


“CL users can put whatever price they want on anything they want to post. Dont get all butt hurt over it. This is America……sorta…” j.g.

(initials after comments in no way represent real people)


let asia assemble your phone…

so there i sat, watching the flickering 52″ brainwash panel hanging from my neighbors wall. i didn’t want to…but there i was, watching the superbowl, of all things.

tequila and meatballs have clouded my judgement and pulled the trigger on melt into the sofa mode. i could care less about the game, and now i’m fading away fast, even with the bubbly excrement, i mean excitement of the sales pitches for things i’ll never buy. my eyelids touch and calm starts to pour into me like a cereal bowl drowning in sink full of water. i hear what sounds like bob dylan talking in the distance…something about america, and cars, and beer…

…what? did he just say what i thought he said? let asia assemble your phones? wtf!? i need a replay.

i dig out my nasty little personal nugget of technology and start typing…bob dylan superbowl commercial. there it is, two minutes of wasted bandwidth. i press play. this is even worse than i remember…”let germany brew your beer, let switzerland make your watch, let asia assemble your phone.” bob, are you fucking serious? you, the great expounder of human rights. you, the lyrical fighter of injustices past…you, in five words, just told me that subpoverty wages, buildings with suicide nets and outsourced jobs galore is what you’re all about. i know that you may not really feel that way, but you did cash that check.

i think the original commercial was too long, because you cut out, “let mexico build your houses, let the poor work for walmart, let afghani children be your terrrorists.”